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The Red Grouse, (Lagopus lagopus scotica), is a medium-sized bird of the Grouse family which is found in Heather Moorland in Great Britain and Ireland. It is considered by many to be the king of game birds and the Outer Hebrides are one of the few remaining places left that they can be hunted over pointers.

The Grouse shooting commences 12th August throughout the United Kingdom and continues through until 10th Dec. Due to the later breeding season of the Grouse out here on the Islands, we do not start shooting until the last 2 weeks of August onwards.

Grouse shooting is normally arranged over pointers, in the traditional manner, with only 2 guns to the point at any one time.

Clients are welcome to bring their own dogs for picking up, or if preferred for walking up Grouse. Although it is thoroughly recommended, to experience a day’s shooting over pointers, as this is by far the most exciting and productive method of shooting.

For Grouse over pointers teams of 2 – 4 guns are ideal, although larger parties are welcome with extra dog handlers being available in the event of the need to split into 2 teams or more.

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Season: 12th Aug – 10th Dec

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Season: 1st Sep – 31st Jan

To hunt Woodcock with Pointers is on the bucket list of most true sportsman and here on the Islands that dream is a reality. Watching a well trained Pointer drawing onto a Woodcock and then adopting the classic pose before being given the command to flush as a bird erupts from its hiding place, must be one of the finest sporting sights.

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As with Grouse, Woodcock shooting can be arranged over Pointers or walked up. The Woodcock Season commences 1st September – 31st January with the majority of the birds starting to arrive on the October full moon.

The majority of our Woodcock are from Scandinavia and the Baltic regions and due to the Islands mild climate will stay here until well into April before returning to their breeding grounds. Due to the lack of trees on the Islands, It often amazes hunters to find Woodcock out in open ground where they rest during the day before flying to their feeding grounds at dusk.

Driven Woodcock

This new special package consists of 2 days driven Woodcock shooting with 3 night’s full board in a traditional Sporting Lodge. Teams of a minimum of 6 guns up to a maximum of 10, are treated to warm comfortable accommodation, good food and 2 days of testing shooting for this most secretive of all game birds.

The shooting traditionally takes place on a Friday & Saturday from the middle of November. Due to the exclusivity of this package there are only 4 shoots throughout the whole season, with a full moon between each shoot. A full team of beaters with experienced dogs are on duty each day and these shoots are renowned for consistently producing good numbers of Woodcock.

This is a unique opportunity to experience what we consider to be the most challenging driven shooting available, with the ultimate accolade of the elusive Right & Left at Woodcock a real possibility.

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Other Shooting

Snipe are resident on the Islands and with the arrival of the migratory birds, from late September onwards, they provide testing shooting when encountered. Designated Snipe bogs are available and when birds are plentiful, driven Snipe is achievable.

Golden Plover arrive much the same time as the Snipe and often surprise guns when the large flocks suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere with their distinctive haunting call. Duck species include Mallard, Widgeon, Teal and occasionally Golden Eye. Ever increasing numbers of Greylag Geese are frequenting the Islands and their wildness provides exciting morning and evening flighting from 1st September.

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