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Salmon & Sea Trout

The Islands boast numerous Salmon and Sea Trout rivers and countless lochs, where fishing can be arranged either from the bank or by boat.

A number of the fisheries on the Island commence from February with the chance of a spring fish a real possibility. The main Salmon run starts from the end of June and continues through the season. The average sizes of fish regularly caught are around the 6lbs mark, but fish of double figures are not uncommon on some systems.

A single handed 9ft 6, 7-8 weight rod is perfect for the type of fishing we have and all traditional Scottish fly patterns will entice fish. Waders can be useful on some rivers and Lochs, but because all our rivers are spate systems and not very wide, they are not always necessary.

Sea Trout runs start slightly earlier and provide excellent sport. Some of the rivers are well-known for producing good Seat Trout with fish 4lbs plus having been caught on a regular basis.

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Season: June – Oct



Season: 15th Mar – 6th Oct

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Brown Trout

Though they comprise only 1.3% of the UK’s landmass, the Outer Hebrides contain 15% of its freshwater surface area. The Islands of Lewis and Harris known to many as Eilean an Fhraoich( the Isles of the Heather ) could quite easily be called the Isles of a thousand Lochs.

In fact they contain more and to attempt to fish all the Brown Trout Lochs on the Islands would possibly take a lifetime. All Brown Trout fishing is totally wild with some lochs being so remote it would be fair to say they probably have never been fished before. Who knows what size of fish are lurking there, just waiting to be caught by the angler who is prepared to venture further afield for their sport?

Brown Trout fishing commences March 15th and continues through to 6th October. Boats are available on some Lochs if required and it is worth noting that on one or two of the deeper lochs, anglers have been surprised to catch Arctic Char and Ferox Brown Trout of considerable size.

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